What can I do for $10.00? Eat for a week I hope!

So, we all have that feeling when we are getting close to payday and we are running short on cash. Well, most people so anyway. I decided that I was going to try and see if I could enjoy a healthy lunch each day this week for a total of $10.00. I think this is 100% possible! Now, I haven’t been to the store yet so I could be wrong but I guess we shall find out. Right now I have the plan to buy the following items to keep at my ten dollar goal:

1.) 1 bunch of organic bananas
2.) 3 organic peppers
3.) 3 Hass avacados
4.) 1 Head of Dark Leafy Greens
5.) 5 Evol/Amy’s frozen burrito or wraps
6.) Olives
7.) Apples

I know that seems like a lot. I will be using at least one coupon in order to keep my cost down and I may change out the fruit depending on what is on sale.

I will keep you posted on how I do.


I confess…..I am a bit of a slob

We made it! Mostly…..

We decided to move over the last weekend because we really needed to. We got some help in the form of a few friends with muscles and we moved the majority of the our things to the new house. I feel really good over there even though it is complete pandemonium!

I am going to post this house tour as a totally honest “before” picture. I would like to tell you that this isn’t what my house normally looks like and that it only looks like this because we just moved but that isn’t really the case. Although I am determined to turn over a new leaf in our new home, I have been known to be bit of a slob.

Great Room
Great Room
Master Bedroom Before
Master Bedroom
Great Room Before
Great Room
Kitchen Before
Master Closet Before
Master Closet
Kitchen Before


I am one of those who can’t have someone drop by because my house looks like a bomb went off unless it is 10:00 am on a Saturday and I just cleaned. I have started and stopped the Flylady system about 500 times trying to be better (yes Flylady, I am in CHAOS! Thanks for reminding me!)

I really do like a clean home and I love to bless my family this way. I am going to try to be better, one step at a time. May be time for Flylady try number 501. The habit of the month is laundry. Really? I have to do a load everyday? Not just 10 loads on Sunday? Oh alright….. At least August is almost over, I mostly won’t have time for that habit to take hold. Maybe we will just catch up with the September habit. 😉

What better way to confess to being a slob than with an audience right? I am linking up with others over at Keeping it Simple.

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The House That May Not Be

I thought we had the house all locked in but the fact is, you never know what will happen until the keys are in your hand and sometimes God has another plan for you. My heart feels as though we aren’t going to get the house after all and I believe that may end up being for the best. I really do like my neighborhood but I can’t pay more than my budget allows me to and I refuse to pay more than what I believe the house is worth.

There is so much out there that does fit all of my criteria and would give us what we need in a house. I don’t feel discouraged yet. I am pleased to still be working away at organizing and purging. Tonight I was going to try to finish cleaning under the kitchen sink. I will have before and after pictures that might just get your organizing juices flowing as well!



Let’s Get Organized

Today I decided that I am going to try to get organized for this move. When you have so many things that need to be done and all of it is swimming around in your head, it makes things stressful. Especially when there are children involved.

I have learned to live and die by my Google calendar, tasks and GMail. I love that it is what I use at work, what I use at home, what my husband uses and what is compatible with my Android phone. When I decided to get organized, I thought to myself, I should create tasks for Scott and I to do for the move. I started creating my lists and then I added due dates as a motivator. Without a due date, I just procrastinate!




I have been working to purge and organize over the last few months, anticipating that we would be buying a house and having to move. When I see the areas of my home in my mind’s eye, I don’t see anything that is going to be super challenging except the garage and kitchen. We are also trying to sell a couch and a desk before we move. We won’t have room for them in our new house and I frankly need the money to fund other things! Hopefully we get those items sold and start packing things that are not essential up now. I am hoping to have keys the week before we move so that on the weekend, we can just move the furniture. That is the plan for now, as things shift we will too.


Welcome! Moving Day is Two Weeks Away!

I am really getting excited and nervous and stressed. We are moving in two weeks. It went by so fast that I can’t really tell you that we are at all ready?! I have been pinning decorating ideas for the new house on Pinterest. Does that count as getting ready to move? Probably not.

Nothing like trying to move the week before school starts. That seems like a brilliant decision on our part. Oh-well. I have already given notice on our house so I guess there is no turning back! We are just moving across the street but for anyone who has never done that, I will tell you, it is WAY harder than moving a long distance.

Hopefully we will be ready! The time is almost here!