Organizing: The Money Edition Pt III

Happy Monday!

I am one tired Mama today.  I have had a long day at work and am ready to be DONE. That being said, I promised one last installment of my money organization series and I am happy to be here to share this with you today. I believe this is a testimony to share with people what I have been through and hope that it helps at least one person. I have made some large changes in my life in order to gain order in my financial life. Of course keeping organized and on top of things is one of those things but the way that I view money and what it’s intended to do in my life might be the biggest change of all. I have been blessed to have a second chance to do things differently than I had and I am not wasting it!

1.) I accept and acknowledge that my money is not my own, it belongs to God.
2.) Delayed gratification makes the things I get more sweet. When I can’t just swipe the plastic to get what I want right away, it makes it better when I do get it.
3.) I am being a role model for my children on how to handle the riches that you are given in this life.
4.) Life is 100% less stressful when you don’t owe people money, you have a backup plan and you don’t have so much stuff weighing you down.
5.) My life moving forward is going to be about experiences and people that I love not things that I want and don’t have.

I know that each day I am very blessed and I wish I could have learned the lesson without the heartache but apparently, I couldn’t. I know it now though. I love my little life and I am glad that my financial house is all in order and if we are ever faced with that type of challenge again, we will be ready for it.



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