I am feeling rather guilty….

My husband has been working so hard, every night to get all of our things moved from our old house to our new house. Each night, I come home with the kids and there he is, all sweaty and tired and moving things over to our new house. Meanwhile, I tried to start making dinner last night and he tried to tell me to sit down and he would make dinner. Really?! I can certainly make dinner and care for the children if I am not helping move anything anymore. He is such a dear sweet man and I love him. I don’t know how to make it up to him that he has had to work so hard.  I guess I can try to kick it into high gear tonight and put a bunch of things away. This has been a stressful two weeks. I guess the other thing I can do is promise him that we won’t move again until we are old and gray. I make him move a lot. I get antsy but financially, moving is not the greatest so we need to stay put. I will be blessing my home tonight with some organizing and putting away. What did you to bless your home today?



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